I got myself a bar stool for an office chair…yep


You got that right.
I was planning to buy myself a nice gaming chair for my home office workstation. You know, the one that’s really nice to sit on. Very soft & comfy. You can even recline while working. It’s not gonna hurt you to sit all day (well, maybe your pocket) ‘coz it’s designed for people who sit in front of the computer for long periods.
So a gaming chair has got to be the ideal chair for my line of work right? Then I read this article, did my research & immediately ditched that plan.
I went on to search Facebook Marketplace & found a nice, used bar stool up on sale for just $10!
Maybe you’re asking, “Who, in their right mind, would get a bar stool for an office chair?”
Then speculate: probably someone who’s been hanging out in bars for too long already!
brian rodriguez virtual professional bar stool workstation
My workstation looks ridiculously funny… for a reason

I’m a convert!

A few days ago, I started working with Zack Arnold & his team. He is an award-winning Hollywood film & TV editor, documentary director & creator of Optimize Yourself program. The program is a treasure trove of lessons, insights & tips that help people optimize themselves. The target is really those in the entertainment industry, but a lot of the stuff in the website can apply to anyone.
Just go & check out the website: https://optimizeyourself.me
You’ll find a lot of stuff there that can help you optimize your career, health, productivity & more. There are also podcasts featuring guests from the entertainment world. Here you get to learn a lot of valuable lessons as they share their experiences in their careers.

Why would I wanna stand up while using the computer?

Now let’s get back to my bar stool (that I’m starting to grow fond of).
I bought a bar stool because it’s the only chair I could think of that has height adjustment feature. The kind of height that when I’m seated I’ll have the same eye level as when I’m standing. Well there’s also the barber’s chair or dentist chair but they’re too big for my workstation. And they’re too comfy.
Why do I want that? Well, I have set up my computer screen to be at eye level when I’m standing up.
I’m still not making any sense, am I? And what I was doing was just plain ridiculous.
Have you ever noticed some work requiring focus is done by people who are standing?
Think of the surgeon operating on a patient. Or an orchestra conductor. Or a teacher. Or a speaker in a conference. Or a scientist doing experiments. You’ll say, but there are also jobs requiring focus which are done by people sitting down. Yes? Yes.
Have you ever experienced being stuck on your work? Like mental block kind of stuck? Like there’s just no idea coming out of that brain of yours. Then you stand up, stare blankly out the window. Or get out of your desk, have a little walk. Down the office corridor maybe? Or outside the house? Have a bathroom break? Then while you were doing that, you hit a eureka moment!

The nerdy stuff behind all that

That thing right there, it turns out, has a scientific explanation. Research found out that movement somehow increases the release of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in our brain.
Brain-derived mffffp mumbo jumbo what? Well, the BDNF actually helps us retain information more & makes us more receptive of new information. So, exercise and moving around actually makes us smarter? Yes!
So why then the bar stool? The answer is actually simple & I just got you through all that intro for this (thank you for your patience!). I know I’ll be working in front of the computer for hours. But I want to be able to change my position (movement) or stand up (movement) then sit back down (still movement) and still work all those times. I don’t wanna keep adjusting the height of my computer screen whenever I move. So my best option for now is to fix its height then get a chair that’s high enough so it’ll be at eye level when I’m seated or standing. Also I want to be able to swivel around when I feel like it – movement.
Actually, this is just a quick work around while I try to get one by one the ultimate gears for a healthy AND PRODUCTIVE workstation.

Yes! I wanna be more productive & healthy at the same time!

How do you set up a healthy & productive workstation? It’s all right here in this article by Zack Arnold:
Go ahead & click it. In there you’ll find the ultimate gear combo and their cheaper alternatives. In there you’ll also find out that ERGONOMIC IS NOT NECESSARILY HEALTHY. You’ll also find out how making your workstation LESS EFFICIENT actually makes you more productive (and healthy!).
When I started following the techniques in the article, I felt a drastic increase in my productivity. I also felt less lazy & I get stuck less often now. Standing up every now & then also made me feel like I’m always ready for action.
So there ya go! I bought myself a bar stool for my office chair & I’m enjoying every moment I’m on it.
So if I were you, I won’t get that ultimate gaming chair nor that very comfy, high-backrest executive chair.
Go on, treat yourself.


  1. Avatar
    Edward BuenaobraNovember 13, 2020

    Nice Blog! Specially as working from home as new normal, we need to consider this .

    1. Brian Rodriguez
      Brian RodriguezNovember 13, 2020

      Thank you! I’m glad that you find this useful!

  2. Avatar
    Random guy 101November 13, 2020

    I almost bought one, thanks !

    1. Brian Rodriguez
      Brian RodriguezNovember 13, 2020

      You’re most welcome!


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