For just $5 you can learn the tools to start your online career! Really?

If you were offered a $200 online course & another person offered the “same” course for $5, what would you choose? That $5 course would be a steal, right?

Would you believe, I’d rather go with the $200?

Who I was

Before the pandemic, I was an engineer working in a construction company. In my mind I was a technical person, nothing else. My communication skills were purely technical. I was not conversant because my job was not to sell. I willingly shunned away sales & marketing skills, telling myself that I’m not that. When I do talk, it was just about what’s currently being discussed, nothing more, nothing less. We were trained to speak less because our minds were conditioned on this mantra: “Less talk, less mistake.” You’ll find me in gatherings to be the listener & observer type.

I didn’t know that this mindset was slowly destroying me. I couldn’t even sell myself because I didn’t know how. I couldn’t get a breakthrough in my career. I had all the technical skills, I lead people but I didn’t know how to sell these. I was stuck. I was in the rat race & it was eating me up.

Fast forward to the pandemic & the company I was working for ceased operation. There was no clarity on what would happen to us. No communication from the management. Suddenly, we had no income.

Free learning resources! But were they enough?

It was the opportunity I was looking for! Everyone was out of the rat race & everyone had the opportunity to start over. I told myself, “Hey, I know how to write. I’ll sell my skills online!”

I looked for free resources over the internet to learn the tricks of the trade. The internet felt like a treasure trove because it was all there for free!

With the new found confidence I had because of the things I “self-learned” online, I was ready to go. I joined platforms & started to sell my services.


Hey, I know how to do that! That’s a very easy job, let me do that!


So I went back online to do research. How do I write my CV so that it would sell…

Bingo! I rewrote my CV & sent it again to prospects.


I read tons of tutorials & lessons, watched hours of videos & still nothing. I had the skills, I knew how to use the tools but it looked like something was missing.

The only jobs I could get were $5 & below one-time job with no opportunity for referrals.

My turning point

One day, while I was lazily browsing Facebook, an ad for an ebook about working online came across my feed. I clicked on it & bought it because it was cheap anyway. I was a cheapskate. I’d only go for free or below $10 things.

I read the book & it opened the world of online careers for me. I religiously followed the steps described in that book. After reading the whole book, I had 2 choices. I could go on my own way to start again with the new knowledge I had. Or I could seek the guidance of a mentor who was also the author of that book.


I knew that if I went out on my own again, I would just get more rejections. Maybe I’d get a few jobs. Then again, it would be the low-paying, one-off jobs all over again. And for me to earn more, I would have to work a lot. I would spend days hunting jobs & sending out applications. Then I would need about 10 simultaneous jobs just to make it sustainable. So if you would look at it, it would be no different from the rat race I was in.

I knew I needed someone to guide me. Somebody to tell me if what I was doing was right or wrong. So with the money I had from last December’s bonus, I enrolled in an “expensive” course. “Expensive” because the cost was a lot higher than the $5 courses I see online.

What I’m doing now?

Fast forward to today. As of this writing, I’m working with the team of Hollywood film & TV editor, Zack Arnold. I’m also working with another client on some web development projects. Then I also have another static website project for a foundation in US.

That’s 3 clients. A lot of work? Nah… I spend only about 15 to 20 hours a week working.

How is this possible?

I owe it all to that expensive course I enrolled in. Because of that course, I am more talkative than before. That “less talk, less mistake” has to be thrown in the garbage where it belongs. Now, I’m more engaged in telling my story. I’d give you the details even.

Am I able to sell my skills now because of this? Maybe. What I’m sure of is that now I have more confidence to talk more. And it looks like it’s working wonders for me.

Sure, there are $5 courses or even free ones out there. You get to watch lessons, learn hacks, tricks & the tools you need! Honestly, you’ll even feel like you’re fully equipped. But in the end, you would just be selling “retail” after that, with no guarantee of a “premium” customer.

I have a confession, while I was enrolled in that expensive course, I also bought a $5 course from another person. But somehow I wasn’t satisfied with that cheap online course.

I also availed of a free trial course in one of the popular learning platforms online. To my dismay, the class was just a recording. And there was no one to ask but the bot.

What’s the difference between the $5 & the $200 course?

One word – MENTOR.

You buy a cheap course or even get the free ones. You watch a few videos, you read some lessons, you get some learning materials. Sometimes you get to ask a few questions. But that’s about it.

You didn’t pay enough to earn the “teacher’s” time to give you guidance. The “teacher” doesn’t have the time to answer all your questions.

Why do I need a mentor?

Robert Kiyosaki said, “If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there.”

This was my mistake when I decided to do things on my own. I had nobody to guide me. All I had were the tools & the skills. But I didn’t know how to sell my services. I didn’t know how to get “premium” clients.

Mentors will teach you a lot more than just tools & skills. In my case, my mentor taught me something far more important.

What’s that?

Again, one word – MINDSET.

With the guidance of my mentor, I learned the right mindset to becoming an online professional. I learned that I’m not selling cheap, “retail” services. One-off jobs are not for me anymore. What I’m selling is premium & I need to be able to reflect that in my identity. And clients need to see that in me.

Who am I now?

I am a professional & I need to act like one.

No. That’s not right.

The correct sentence would be:

I am a professional so I need to BE one.

Yes, I want to learn the mindset!

What’s that mindset? You’ll have to figure that out yourself.

You can check out this website if you’re really serious to learn the mindset:

Why won’t I just share it with you?

Because I believe that if you got something for free or at a cheap price, you wouldn’t value it.

You need a mentor. Because mindset is not just a bunch of words. You’ll have to live the mindset. And in order for you to do that, you’ll need a mentor.

What’s your worth?

I overheard this phrase from somebody a few years ago. Sorry, but I forgot who it was & where but it stuck to me all these years:

“You can’t buy a Ferrari if you’re only willing to pay for a [insert cheaper car brand here].”

When you enroll in something, you are actually investing in yourself. You are investing in your future. Now, is your future just worth $5? Are you worth $5?

Or is your future a Ferrari? Is your worth like that of a Ferrari?

You are worth more than you think you are. So go ahead & invest in yourself here:


I am not connected to Virtual Careers Academy other than being one of its students. I am not receiving any compensation to promote the website or any of its courses. Rather, it’s my own free will to tell you about my story & experience. I believe that if you’re looking at starting your journey in online careers, your best option is here.

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